The “Going Rogue” Show

Sarah Palin is the purveyor of some of the richest political theater in a generation. The never-ending Palin media show is maddening, bewildering, polarizing, and always entertaining.  In the words of Jon Stewart, “…whether you love her or you hate her, you definitely love her or hate her.”

On November 19, 2009, Sarah’s book Going Rogue was read from beginning to end (all five chapters!) at the Fishtank Performance Studio by a bevy of local actors and audience volunteers who tossed her 416-page word salad and lead the ultimate Palin drinking game.

Presented as part of a “We Read It So You Won’t Have To”, the performance was covered by the Kansas City Star and local public radio. Pie and beer were served.

Hear audio of the event from KCUR 89.3FM.


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