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Prairie Logic

I serve as Curator of Performance for Prairie Logic, a public sculpture in downtown Kansas City.  The fabricated boxcar that is at the center of the work functions as a small proscenium stage regularly feature performances by local artists.

The opening reception with the artist team of Janet Zweig and el dorado inc for Prairie Logic was October 5th, 2010, Featured performers for October 5th included Betse Ellis and Jason Beers, Diverse, Victor and Penny, and Cadillac Flambé.

Prairie Logic, by New York artist Janet Zweig and Kansas City’s el dorado architects inc., refers to Missouri history by highlighting native prairie grasses and inserting a modified boxcar in the urban landscape.

As the artist stated in her proposal: “Prairie Logic is inspired by the prairies and the railroad culture of historic Missouri, we want to create a magical space on the roof that is rooted in the materiality of those two quintessentially Kansas City elements, but with a logic all its own.”

Prairie Logic is primarily intended to be a place of contemplation and reflection—as viewed from adjacent buildings and as experienced on site. The boxcar has operable doors that can be opened and the space within can be used as a proscenium stage. The site includes a small gravel-paved area adjacent to the sculpture where a small audience for art or educational events can gather.

The public art project was funded by the City’s One Percent for Art program, which, by ordinance, sets-aside one percent of municipal building construction and renovation budgets for the inclusion of unique artwork enhancements. The One Percent for Art program is coordinated by the Municipal Art Commission.

For more information, visit the Prairie Logic website.

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